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Meet Our Director

Dr. Casheba V. Cannon,

Guided by a visionary leader, Dr. Casheba V. Cannon, our director and CEO at Blessed Christian Homeschool, illuminates the path to educational excellence with passion and purpose. With a heart dedicated to the holistic growth of our students, she stands at the helm, shaping a nurturing environment where each child is not just educated but empowered. Driven by a profound commitment to put 'students first,' our director instills values, inspires minds, and paves the way for future leaders. At Blessed Christian Homeschool, we are honored to be led by a compassionate visionary who transforms education into an inspiring journey of discovery and achievement.

At Blessed Christian Homeschool, our teachers and staff are the heartbeat of our educational family, and their commitment to putting the kids first resonates in every warm interaction. Nurturing potential is not just a task; it's a heartfelt mission. With a blend of expertise and love, our educators take pride in fostering an environment where young minds thrive and individuality is celebrated. Each child is not merely a student but a future leader in the making, guided by mentors who believe in their unique abilities.


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